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it's time you finally do something for you.

Brittany Rains

Let me guess—you've been so busy with work and mom life and whatever is else is on your plate that self care is something you barely even consider.

Maybe you're here now because you're considering spoiling yourself a little. You want to gain or re-gain self-confidence. You know that it would feel amazing to finally see yourself as strong, worthy, beautiful, powerful, and sexy. (YES!!!)

Buuuut maybe you're also feeling a little insecure, doubting whether you do a boudoir shoot because you don't have the "perfect body" or should lose a few more pounds first. If that's the case, I'm going to suggest we ask that voice in your head to kindly fuck off.

Hey, I can say that because I've been there, too. (More on that later!)  And despite being a photographer, I'm actually super uncomfortable in front of the camera—cue the red splotches all over my chest. That's why my goal is to provide you with a seamless, comfortable experience where you can just have FUN being you and unleashing your inner badass Goddess. While you're doing that, I'll work my magic and create colorful works of art that will help your insecurities disappear because you'll see just how beautiful and powerful you truly are. 

YOU'VE PRIORITIZED EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ELSE. NOW you deserve to prioritize self love.

Shit, I'm still learning to love myself daily. My body has gone through 3 pregnancies, a body building competition, weight gain from medications, weight loss from medications, and rosacea. So, looking into the mirror and being comfortable with my body can be hard.

When I did my first boudoir shoot, I wasn't in the best shape of my life. I was at a point in my life where I needed to be reminded of what made me beautiful and special and the only way I could think to show me was a boudoir session.

The confidence I gained from my boudoir shoot meant everything and the experience was well worth it. To be able to look at these photos of me on the wall as a daily reminder that I am a strong, confident badass woman is priceless. And I want you to experience that feeling, too.

I know how hard it is to look in to the mirror and love what you see. 

That's me!

I felt fucking unstoppable after that session.

to spoil yourself a little.


to feel comfortable, confident, powerful & unstoppable in your own skin.


TO recognize that what is unique about you is what makes you so special.



To feel worthy of prioritizing yourself.

quality artwork of beautiful, vibrant, emotive photos that help you GAIN (OR RE-GAIN) SELF-CONFIDENCE.. (And guidance to help choose which artwork is best for you!)

" I did a boudoir photoshoot with Brittany & I was so worried I was going to look awful in the pictures & when I got them back I was amazed at them! She knew what angles benefited me! She also made me feel so comfortable! I never once felt insecure while doing the photoshoot! Highly recommend it! It was my first boudoir photoshoot & it was my favorite photoshoot I’ve ever done! "


"My  favorite photoshoot I’ve ever done!"

Brittany was AMAZING!!! I was worried that I would look awkward but she made me feel super confident. I would definitely recommend her. The pictures are also breathtaking and 100% worth it!


"She made me feel super confident."


Your proofing gallery will be ready to go over via an in-person meeting or video call one week after your session. This is when you'll get to choose your faves and put in artwork orders!


Get ready to be pampered and feel amazing. When it’s time for your shoot, I’ll guide you through every posture, pose and facial expression.


Fill out my contact form and let me know what your vision is for your session. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours to schedule a call. If we are a good fit, we will choose a date and get you in my calendar!


So, how does this work?
"confidence is the ability to feel beautiful without needing someone to tell you"

$400 session fee includes all the above

Professional Product Line with Lifetime Warranty

Wall Art & Album Design Service

In Person Viewing and Ordering Appointments in the Comfort of your home (OR video CALL)

Complimentary wardrobe guidance and complete styling if wished

professional hair and makeup

a meaningful investment


Professional Art Retouching

The session fee includes a phone/video consultation, personalized styling service, posing and expression guidance, the time we spend together at your session and access to view all of your images approximately one week after your session. The session fee DOES NOT cover any digitals or artwork. After your session you will have access to view your hand-edited images in an online gallery and choose your favorite images for your chosen collection. Collections to choose from include  high resolution digital images starting at $250, signature album, metal and canvas prints.  Boudoir Clients typically invest $1400+ for their experience and artwork. Pre-payment plans with special incentives available as well as Afterpay. Subscribe to hear about posing tips and pop up specials. 


Ready to have some fun?!

so now that you know I've got your back...